Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Start of another wacky cycle...

So I am currently on CD 12 of this cycle and I have been temping on Fertility Friend. As of yesterday i had a huge dip in my temps and then a small increase this morning. I, also, had an almost positive OPK!!! Then a blaring positive OPK in the evening yesterday... SO we shall see if FF gives me an ovulation date.

Well I have been waiting on the Chamber of Commerce to call me back and tell me when my "official" start date is... I just hope it is soon!!

On a happy note, Matty is loving his job at Hotel Seville. I really would not be surprised if he drops his accounting program and goes to culinary school... it would be amazing!! Right now our desire for a child is so big that we really do not think about thing but it!! I feel as if the flame in our relationship is going out... and i want it back!!! He is a great man BUT he is just not all that affectionate at times. He is so sweet and loves me, I DO NOT question that, BUT i just wish that sometimes he would just take me in his arms and hold me. I have a really hard time sometimes because it is my bodies fault that we are not pregnant. IF WE DID NOT HAVE SUCH A DEADLINE.. we would prolly be waiting a few years to even try. IT SUCKS!!

Well, the only thing that really keeps me sane is JustMommies. It is a wonderful website that i go to for support. I never really thought that there was so many women struggling with INFERTILITY!!! It is great to have a safe haven to go to, especially when people in your life do not understand the situation at all!

Our puppy Max is starting to chew stupid cords and everything he can get his mouth on! It is driving me crazy! Well I am off to bed. Hoping tomorrow brings a higher temperature :)

Prayer Of The Day:
**Please allow my womb to receive what it is made to do. Please be with my marriage and allow us to stay strong and in love throughout the process!**

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  1. just wanted to pop in here and tell you that I'm thinking about you. I see that you haven't updated in a while. I hope you are doing well and that the Lord is blessing you and your hubby :) Your puppy is SO cute! i remember when my little pupper had a cord chewing phase! agh! it was a nightmare!!
    Anyways, I am still praying for you girl! Hope all is well!
    - Melissa (from JM)